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GEM International

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A professional modern enterprise with its own development and sale capacity, our company mainly engaged in the trading of cosmetic and medical products and equipment which offers wide range of innovative solutions containing latest generation of panted technology and formulas to meet the most demanding skin protection and restructuring needs.

Foundation and history

G.E.M International started in 2012 with accumulative experience of founders for more than 10 years in the field of cosmetic and medical products and technology trading in the GCC and Middle East region. With the profound experience of our team in sales, after sales services and customer support our clientele data base is continuously growing with confident in our quality service.

Operating from Free Zone of Sharjah is an advantage for international markets and clients in other countries of the GCC region to benefit our quality products and services; accordingly we adopt the -no borders- concept in our service delivery.


GEM products and services perceived by healthcare providers as one of the top reliable companies for first-class quality products and services.


We will strive with passion in our service delivery to achieve the ultimate client satisfaction by sparing no efforts and raising our performance bar to meet our client’s needs with continuous focus on developing and improving our capabilities to the latest available technologies.